Eat Like a Roman in Pompeii - Private Tour

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The private tour "Eat like a Roman in Pompeii" will allow you to discover the ancient city that was devastated by Vesuvius during the eruption of 79 A.D. and to have a lunch or dinner (depending on your choice of when to start the tour ,if at 9.30 a.m. or at 3.30 p.m.) in a very typical restaurant. You can freely set the meeting place and pickup time according to your specific needs.

Today, the Pompeii archaeological site is one of the cultural places with the highest number of visitors due to its long-lasting charm.
Pompeii was an ancient commercial roman city. The interest in discover what was submerged by the ashes and lapilli of the powerful volcano has brought to light not only a city, but also everyday object the ancient Romans used during their daily life.

The Macellum, the Basilica, the Baths are just some of the places to visit, but numerous frescoes have been preserved over time, including the ones of the Lupanare area.
Furthermore, to make your experience even more immersive, this private tour also includes an archaeological guide, who will provide you all secrets and useful tips. In particular, a great interest will be paied to a thermopolium (literally, a place where something hot is sold) that was a commercial establishment where it was possible to purchase ready-to-eat food.

At the end of your visit inside the ruins, by a short walk from the archaeological site, you can enjoy the lunch (or dinner) at Caupona that provides its guests a magical atmosphere to truly immerse themselves in ancient Roman history and food. Here, you will see the exact riproduction of a thermopolium, from which the term "Caupona" derives.
You will taste the cuisine of ancient Rome through the recipes of the gourmet chef Marco Gavio Apicio (taken from the book De re Conquinaria). Here, the staff wears clothes of the era and the courses are served in earthenware dishes.

This tour is highly suggested to people that will be served simultaneously history and food, wine and the excitement of traveling back in time to relive and savor the forgotten “tastes” of antiquity– Roman Pompeii.
At the end, our driver will take you back to your departure destination.

Services included

Pickup in Naples, or Sorrento, or Positano or Amalfi

Guided tour of 2.5 hours

Lunch or dinner

Services not included

Pompeii entrance fee €  on the spot




The tour can start at 09:30 or at 15:30 (during the high season Pompei is open till 19:00)

Pickup in Naples, or Sorrento, or Positano or Amalfi

Guided tour of 2.5 hours

Lunch or dinner

Drive back to pickup point

Starting from € 415,00

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